EP 1003 - The Pegasus Project

The Pegasus Project
Season 10 Episode 3
Series: Stargate SG-1
Original Air Date: July 28, 2006
Written By Brad Wright
Directed By: William Waring
Preceded by: Morpheus
Followed by: Insiders


[edit] Synopsis

[edit] Plot

Daniel Jackson is finally given the chance to go to Atlantis, in hopes to find the Ancient Device created by the ancient, Merlin, which could help destroy the Ori. On Atlantis, Daniel and Vala visit the city's holographic room to find Morgan Lafey, a holographic women. They seek her help in trying to discover the weapon, even though the Ancients were against Merlin for creating such a weapon. Soon Daniel and Vala are surpsied when they discover the truth about Morgan, she is not a hologram, but an Ascended ancient, who is walking the very fine line of rules set by the ancients about not interefering with un-ascended beings. She tells them that when they retreated to Earth, they found it was full of primitive people, with no hope to rebuild their once great and advanced society, and so spread throughout the Milky Way. However, some Anceints prefered to live out their lives in seclusion, where they meditated eventually learning to Ascend. When Merlin decended to create the weapon, she was sent by the others to watch over him. However in Arthurian legend, Morgan was a powerful sorceress and Arthur's half-sister as well as Merlin's rival.

[edit] Bloopers

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[edit] Quotes

Jackson: You know how many times I've tried to get here?
Vala: Only two of them was my fault.
Carter: ....If the Ori succeeds and takes more ship through the stargate..
Mitchell: Let's just say and take a moment...Ok moment's over let go save the galaxy.
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