EP 1001 - Flesh and Blood

Flesh and Blood
Season 10 Episode 1
Series: Stargate SG-1
Original Air Date: July 14, 2006
Written By Robert C. Cooper
Directed By: William Waring
Preceded by: Camelot
Followed by: Morpheus


[edit] Synopsis

[edit] Plot

With Vala on an Ori warship heading to the Milky Way, in an attempt to wipe out the Ancients, she gives birth to an unusual and unnatural child, Adria. Although by her looks, she appears to be human, Vala soon realises that she's much more than human, but a manifestation of the Ori in human form, along with all the limitations that a Human can have. The child starts to grow at an abnormal rate, and soon reaches the age of 12, and it becomes apparent that she's an Oracle, destined to lead the Ori to victory over the Ancients. Still being Human, Adria still requires the motherly love that only Vala can give her, however, she is determined to be a beacon for the Ori and to destroy the Ancients, whom she believes are the true "evil". Adria claims that it is the Ancients who tried to destroy the Ori, and they who drain power from the followers. The crusade is only a pre-emtive strike against the true evil, the Ancients whose only reason to create the humans in the milky way was to destroy the Ori. In the meantime, the Tau'ri and Jaffa must fend of the Ori from taking over Chulak, and in an attempt to stop them, the Earth ship Korelev is destroyed, however, Daniel who was on-board the ship manages to escape and get onto the Ori ship, and to Vala. Vala and Daniel attempt to stop Adria from the massacre she is committing, by helping the Ori, however they find that its much harder to sway her decision than they thought. In hopes to get through to her, Daniel and Vala plan to capture Adria and show her, her mistakes.

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