Played By: Gillian Barber
Race: Kelownans
Planets: Langara

Initially the first minister of Kelowna, Dreylock kept details about the Stargate programme hidden from the other nations on their planet. Working under the First Minister Velis, Dreylock had Kelowna's scientists build naquadria bombs. After using the Naquadria bomb, Dreylock and the Kelownans quickly began regretting it, having killed countless people.

Things became even more unfortunate when Anubis's forces arrived. However, with the help of SG1 they managed to send his forces back, however Velis fell at the hands of Anubis's forces. Becoming the first minister, Dreylock, sat with the other nations forming the planet Langaras, joint ruling council, made from representatives from all three nations.

[edit] Key Episodes

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