Dreyauc d.jpg
Race: Jaffa
Planets: Chulak
Land of Light

Drey'auc is the wife of Teal'c, and mother of Rya'c.

When Teal'c was branded as a traitor, she was forced to leave her home and live on the outskirts of Chulak. She tried hard to restore Apophis's faith in her, so she could secure a symbiote for her son, to use in the Prim'tah ritual.

She eventually married Fro'tak, a friend of Teal'c, as he had both money and respect and could keep her safe. However, she never stopped loving Teal'c. Fro'tak attempted to betray her and Teal'c by giving his location to Apophis, however was killed by Jack O'Niell to stop him from doing so.

As Teal'c remained at the SGC, she was often alone, as her son went with Teal'cs mentor to train. Eventually she took solace in Teal'cs cause and moved to the Land of Light, where she stayed for some time before moving to a Jaffa rebel camp.

When her symbiote matured, she did not want to condemn another Jaffa to death by taking their symbiote and so, she declined to take another symbiote, and died soon afterwards.

[edit] Key Episodes

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