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Planet Information
Galaxy: Pegasus

[edit] History

Doranda was a peaceful planet in the Pegasus galaxy colonised by the Ancients. The Dorandans were peaceful, and caring people, who welcomed the anceints. The Ancients chose the planet to build a new weapon, code named, Arcturus. The projects plan was to create a greater defense against the Wraith, however, before they could complete it the Wraith made their way to the planet. Pressed for time, the Ancients were forced to try out the weapon. They were shocked to see that it had been successful, however, they were unable to turn the weapon off, killing all the Dorandans in the area along with the Ancients on the planet. Soon after the Wraith returned to wipe out the remaining Dorandan's although they left the weapon untouched with fear for what it could do.

[edit] Key Episodes

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