Played By: Malcolm Stewart
Race: Pangarans
Planets: Pangar

Representative of the people of Pangar, one of the few people of the population that was given the drug Tretonin, which rendered their body immune to all diseases. Dollen welcomed SG1 when they came to the planet, hoping to get addresses of Goa'uld home worlds from which they can procure another Goa'uld Queen which they can use to make the much needed Tretonin.

Unwilling to reveal the source of Tretonin to SG1, he was soon forced to come clean when Teal'c and Jonas Quinn discovered their Tretonin production facility. However, they soon discovered the queen was Egeria, the Tok'ra queen. Dollen revealed to them that they are dependant on the Tretonin, and their immune system has gone, and without Tretonin, they are susceptible to all disease.

When the Tok'ra saved Egeria, she soon told them the reason, and was able to reverse the problem, saving the people of Pangar and Dollen.

[edit] Key Episodes

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