Dillon Everett

Dillon Everett
Played By: Clayton Landey
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

Colonel Dillon Everett was sent by the SGC to Atlantis in the hopes that they can help stop the Wraith armada making its way to Atlantis. A close friend of Colonel Marshall Sumner, he was furious with John Sheppard when he read in his reports that he fired the shot that killed him.

When he got to Atlantis, he immediately assumed command, ordering the expedition members to help set up for the strike back, however he soon realised that those that were on the base had already earned the respect of Elizabeth Weir and that he would have to keep her in the loop if he wanted them to follow his orders.

Suspicious of Teyla and the Athosians he initially had them secluded to certain area's, however he soon realised their worth and gave them weapons with which they could defend the city. During the battle, Everett was attacked by a Wraith, who started to drain the life out from his body, however he managed to stay alive, killing the Wraith.

He soon forgave Sheppard telling him that he wished that he could have been there for him when the Wraith was draining his life, like he was there for Colonel Sumner.

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