Del Tynan

Del Tynan
Del tynan.jpg
Played By: Allan Lysell
Race: Hebridians
Planets: Hebridan

Supervisor of the garbage disposal division at Tech Con Group, Tynan's views had gotten him passed over for promotion three times. Believing it was nothing more than Racism that had him passed over, he increased his activities to try and get a pure blooded Hebridian to win the Loop of Kon Garat.

He sabotaged all ships participating in the race, beside that of Muirios, a Hebridian pilot giving him the chance to win. Eventually Eamon, the brother of Warrick a participant in the race, accompanied by Teal'c went to Del Tynans office to find out who had sabotaged his brothers ship. When Del Tynan found out, he took them hostages and had them force Warrick to drop out of the race. Thankfully Jack O'Niell arrived to the office with President Hagon who turned Del Tynan to the authorities.

[edit] Key Episodes

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