Played By: William B. Davis
Race: Prior

A prior in the service of the Ori. Damaris left his wife Adina, and two sons, Jaden and Allon to preach for his gods, the Ori.

He visited P2X-885 to preach to the planets inhabitants, and was successful in converting another planet. Whilst on the planet, he was monitored by SG6, however he realised, and during the morning prostration, he managed to "bless" Lieutenant Fisher, giving him the Prior Plague which he took back to Earth.

Damaris, visited many worlds, before he had to visit the Sodan home world, P9G-844. Cameron Mitchell, who was on that planet at the time, tried to convince the Sodan not to follow them, however the Sodan accepted Origin.

When Damaris sent the Sodan on a mission, the Sodan realised the true nature of the Ori and they decided to renounce Origin. Damaris later, visited the Sodan home world, to find that the Ori's orders had not been followed. He had been betrayed by the Sodan, and found the Tau'ri were waiting there with a trap. Suppressing his abilities, they stunned Damaris and took a sample of his blood. When he woke, the re-decended Ancient Orlin told him the truth about the Ori, however, he didn't believe them, and getting his powers back, he used his prior powers to pull General Hank Landry towards him passing him the Prior plague, and sending them a warning of their impending doom, before he was shot by Mitchell.

[edit] Key Episodes

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