Planet Information
Galaxy: Milky Way
Race(s): Ancients

[edit] History

Dakara is said to be the place where the Jaffa slavery started, and where the first Jaffa was given his Prim'tah (Symbiote). The planet was controlled by Ba'al for a long time, and when Anubis took over Ba'al and his forces, it became part of his territory. Teal'c thought that there would be no better place to end the Jaffa slavery than Dakara, and led a team of Jaffa rebels to capture Dakara. They succeeded in doing so, but were informed that Dakara was also the location of an Ancient weapon which was initially used to create life on the planet. The Replicators and Anubis both wanted the weapon for their own reasons, and the Jaffa along with S1 had to save it. With the only way to defeat the replicators being the weapon, Sam and Jacob with the help of Ba'al managed to configure the weapon to destroy all the replicators in the galaxy, and they did so. They were then able to surround Ba'al forcing him to retreat. The planet was at last under the control of the Jaffa. However, Anubis lured the rebellion to a planet and attempted to take over the weapon and use it to destory all life in the galaxy, but was stopped by the Ancients. The Jaffa saw how dangerous the weapons was, and managed to destroy it once and for all. The planet of Dakara was then turned into the new Jaffa nation.

[edit] Key Episodes

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