Dahlia Radim

Dahlia Radim
Played By: Sonja Bennett
Race: Genii
Planets: Genii Planet

Sister of Ladon Radim, Dahlia living around the inefficient nuclear devices of the Genii planet was one of the people that had been poisoned by the radiation and was deemed terminally ill.

Knowing that she would die soon, she volunteered to be sent to Atlantis along with many other terminally ill patients. On Atlantis they were held hostage when Ladon didn't send the Atlantis base a ZPM as promised. The Atlantis base soon discovered that the Athor Cowen had no intention of returning their captured Atlantis Expedition members, and that those sent were not much longer for the world.

However, Carson Beckett managed to perfect a treatment which would heal most of the Genii's radiation sickness, including that of Dahlia. When Ladon learned of this, he told the captured Atlantis members of his plans to overthrow Cowen and helped them escape.

Dahlia soon returned back to her planet as she was cured and the relations between the Genii and Tau'ri improved.

[edit] Key Episodes

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