Played By: Roger R. Cross
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

Under the command of Captain Hansen, Lieutenant Conner a member of SG9 travel to a planet of primitives, where the inhabitants soon start to believe Hansen is a god. Conner along with Frakes try to tell the inhabitants the truth, however, believing himself to be a god Hansen sentences them to be left in the scorching sun.

However, Conner escapes and manages to contact the SGC who send SG1, but being kept in the dark about vital information hoping to avenge the death of Frakes. However, whilst attempting to help SG1, Conner is caught and is left out in the scorching sun. SG1 plant a rescue mission, having to kill Captain Hansen in the process.

Becoming a Captain, Conner took lead of SG11, and were sent on a mission to the Salish planet PXY-887. Once their they discover the planet has huge deposits of Trinium and would be perfect for mining, however the inhabitants are against it knowing it would damage the planet.

Before they can report back to the SGC they are stopped by the Salish Spirits who take their place returning to the SGC, to asses if the Tau'ri can be trusted, to find that they are willing to go behind the back of the Salish.

Later on, Conner and SG11 were captured by young Jaffa, training to be soldiers of Apophis and tortured for information regarding the Tau'ri.

[edit] Key Episodes

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