Cimmeria (P3X-974)
Planet Information
Planet Address
Galaxy: Milky Way
Race(s): Cimmerians

[edit] History

Cimmeria was home to the Cimmerians, and is protected by an Oblisk, which whisks any Goa'uld that enters the planet to a labrynth far in the planet, which contains a weapon known as "Thors Hammer". The hammer kills any Goa'uld that passes through it, and is the only way out of the Labrynth. Due to this, the planet, is protected from Goa'uld occupation, and is part of the Goa'uld - Asgard Protection Treaty. However, when SG1 came to the planet, Jack and Teal'c were taken to the labrynth, and to free him, they had to destroy the weapon. Hoping that the Goa'uld would still believe the planet dangerous, they left. However, Heru'ur came to the planet, and managed to destroy the oblisk protecting the planet and started occupy the Planet. However, SG1 were contacted and they managed to get to the "Hall of Wisdom" where they solved puzzles and met the Asgard Thor. He then came to the planet and removed the Goa'uld who fled at the sight of the Asgard. Once again protecting the planet.

[edit] Key Episodes

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