Played By: Desiree Zurowski
Race: Caledonians
Planets: Tegalus

Minister of the Caledonian Federation, Chaska was forced to choose between surrendering to the Rand Protectorate or being destroyed by an Ori weapon created by the Rand with orders from the Ori. The Prometheus arrived and tried to take down the weapon, however it failed, and was destroyed. Survivors from the Prometheus fled to Caledonian occupied territory in hopes that they can find a way stop the Rand.

Chaska, worked along with Samantha Carter and Cameron Mitchell to launch an electromagnetic wave over the Rand bunker, rendering it useless, as well as the shields for the Ori weapon. Unfortunately Daniel who had been taken captive in the bunker, came up with a peaceful solution to the problem.

Daniel, forces the Rand president, Nadal, to agree to give the Caledonians the Stargate so they can escape from the Ori rule, and in exchange they wouldn't destroy the Ori weapon. However, when the bunker restored power, the weapons shields were put back up, and Nadal ordered them to destroy the Caledonian bunker. However, Daniel was able to get through to Goran Pernaux who shot Nadal.

Chaska and Pernaux, agreed to have talks, but after the Prometheus's crew went back to Earth the talks broke down and Chaska launched a pre-emptive strike on the Rand, however with the Rand weapon, the Rand were able to destroy the Caledonians, and the Stargate was believed to be buried.

[edit] Key Episodes

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