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Played By: Jeff Gulka
Race: Tok'ra
Planets: Retalia (P6S-2031)

Named after Jack O'Neill's son, Charlie was genetically engineered by the Re'tu to act as a means for them to warn the Humans about Re'tu Rebels planning on infiltrating the SGC. Created on Retalia, Charlie was sent through the Stargate with help from his "mother", a Re'tu already on the base. He was told only to talk and trust Jack, whom she trusted after the incident with the Salish.

With the ability to see the Re'tu, Charlie was able to pass messages from her mother to Jack, who eventually went on a mission to Retalia to check up on the Re'tu, however unknowingly brought back a few Re'tu rebels. Unfortunately, one of the Re'tu also managed to kill the his mother.

Due to the short term need for Charlie, he was only created to last long enough to warn the Tau'ri. To help keep him alive, Jack sent him with the Tok'ra to be given a Tok'ra Symbiote, who could keep him alive.

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