Played By: Victor Favrin
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

An anti-Honduran extremists, who worked along side Raphael and kidnapped Daniel Jackson and Dr. Lee when they went to Hondrus on a mission to find an ancient device hidden by the Goa'uld Tel'chak. After Raphael managed to get information about the device from Dr Lee, he managed to turn it on becoming more evil.

During this process, Chalo and the other extremists became worried, and tried to get him to turn the device off, however he instead killed Chalo in retaliation. Chalo's body was laid to rest near the device, eventually resulting in the resurrection of Chalo, without a trace of his former self.

As Raphael and the other extremists tried to stop him, Daniel and Dr. Lee were given the time try and escape. Raphael went after them, however Chalo once again was resurrected by the device. He was stopped only when Burke, shoots him down.

[edit] Key Episodes

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