Played By: Dion Johnstone, Patrick Currie
Race: Unas
Planets: Burrocks Homeworld

An Unas by heart, Chaka kidnapped Daniel Jackson when he thought his homeworld was being threatened. He wears a necklace made of bone to stop Larval Goa'ulds from entering through the neck and taking him over.

Chaka became friends with Daniel, and fought with the leader of his tribe for Daniel's life. Daniel often came back to visit Chaka and left him candy bars, however when Chaka came to get a bar left by Daniel, he was taken by humans who wished to use him as a slave.

Daniel followed along with SG1 to find Chaka on a planet where Unas were used as slaves. Daniel managed to free him, however he wouldn't return with Daniel, but instead insisted he stay to help the Unas fight for what is right, and bring equality between the humans and Unas and end the dis-trust brought onto them by the Goa'uld.

Chaka is successful in doing this, and when his help is needed again, Daniel brings him to a planet to negotiate with an Unas tribe, in hopes that they could get raw Naquadah. Chaka helps greatly, allowing a pact to be made between the Unas and Daniel.

[edit] Key Episodes

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