Played By: Katie Stuart, Pamela Perry, Colleen Rennison
Race: Hankans
Planets: Hanka (PX8-987)

She is the only surviving Hanken alive, she was left alive by the Goa'uld Nirrti in an attempt to destroy the Tau'ri. She implanted a small device that would make her blow up if she was close to Naquadah. When SG1 found her on Hanka they brought her to Earth, and discovered that she was a time bomb. When they tried to remove it, the device stopped Cassandra's heart.

Doctor Janet Fraiser was unable to remove it, and in an attempt to stop the effects of the blast, she was taken to a bunker where she could explode, however Samantha Carter was unable to leave her. Fortunately the distance from the Stargate meant the device had become inactive allowing Dr Fraiser to remove the device without harming Cassandra. Janet Fraiser later became her foster mother, providing Cassandra a home.

On a mission, SG1 were sent back to 1969, but managed to go into the future where they met an older Cassandra, who helped them get back to the present time.

On Cassandra's 16th Birthday a retrovirus in her body activated and she started showing kinetic abilities. They soon realised that all Hanken children went through it, and the only cure was somewhere on Hanka. Whilst searching Hanka, they found a lab belonging to Nirrti. When SG1 came to Earth, the unknowingly brought a cloaked Nirrti. Dr Fraiser, managed to force her into curing Cassandra.

However, Cassandra soon faced sadness when her Foster mother, Janet Fraiser was killed whilst on a mission. She was however taken care of by Sam, who stayed with her for a while to help her.

[edit] Key Episodes

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