Played By: Steve Bacic
Race: Goa'uld

A Goa'uld System Lord, after the defeat of Anubis over Antarctica, Ba'al was quick to take his over Anubis's fleet, and conquer the other system lords. Camulus suffered great losses at the hands of Ba'al, and lost most of his territory to him. In an attempt to regain his territory, he came to Earth along side the other System Lords to ask them to defeat Baal for them, which would allow him to reclaim his land.

However when the SGC declined to help them, Camulus asked for asylum knowing that going back, he would be humiliated having lost his army to Ba'al. The SGC accepted, however treated him as a prisoner due to the untrustworthy nature of the Goa'uld.

When SG1 were thought to be captured by Ba'al, Ba'al asked Jack O'Neill that for the safe return of SG1 he wanted Camulus who had acted cowardly. In an attempt to save himself, he made a deal with Jack, and in exchange for his life he gave Jack the location of a Zero Point Module which could be used to defend Earth. However, before he could leave, Dr Lee discovered that the ZPM had been tampered with, and connecting it to a power source would cause it to explode, taking with it the entire planet.

In an attempt to save SG1, Jack made another deal with Camulus in which Camulus was given to Baal along with the faulty ZPM, so that Camulus could make a deal with Baal to exchange the ZPM for his life. However, knowing the untrustworthiness of the Goa'uld, Jack gave Camulus the depleted ZPM that was found in Antartica. It's assumed that Ba'al killed Camulus for giving him the depleted ZPM.

[edit] Key Episodes

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