Played By: Bob Dawson
Race: Goa'uld
Planets: Ne'tu

A Goa'uld serving under Sokar, who had been allowed to rule over the denizens of Ne'tu, prisoners of war. Sokar who had taken the Persona of the devil used Ne'tu as hell, of which Bynarr gladly ruled over.

When Sokar caught the Tok'ra Jolinar of Malkshur, he had her sent to Ne'tu, however once their, Bynarr fell in love with her, and using this to her advantage, Jolinar managed to escape whilst he was asleep. For this Sokar punished him by taking one of his eyes.

When SG1 came to Ne'tu using Jolinar's memories in Samantha Carter, Bynarr finally got his chance to seek revenge for what Jolinar had done to him. However, before he could get his revenge, he was killed by Na'onak.

[edit] Key Episodes

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