Played By: Larry Drake
Race: Burrock's Race
Planets: Burrocks Homeworld

A human that whose ancestors were once enslaved by the Unas, who have since then enslaved the Unas.

Burrock was a dealer in Unas who caught wild Unas and sold them in slave markets. However with the planets Unas getting weak, he travelled to P3X-888 where he found Chaka.

When Daniel Jackson found out that Chaka had been taken, SG1 were sent after him, and they found a civilisation that used Unas as slaves.

Burrock realised that Chaka was special and wanted more for Chaka's release, however unable to negotiate, SG1 tried to extract him. Unfortunately they were caught by Burrock's men and tortured.

Soon with a bit of distraction by Teal'c and Samantha Carter, Daniel and Jack O'Neill managed to free themselves, and the Unas. However Burrock was waiting for them, and when they approached the Stargate he stopped them. However Chaka took control and shot Burrock with a staff weapon killing him.

[edit] Key Episodes

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