Bryce Ferguson

Bryce Ferguson
Played By: Reed Diamond
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

A friend of Cameron Mitchell, the two were cadets together when they made an oath together to get into the Space Program together. During training, whilst saving Mitchell's life in an accident that could have led to his death, a shrapnel lodged itself into an inter-cranial artery in Bryce's head which over the course of four years led to the formation of an aneurysm.

On the road to become an F-302 pilot, the aneurysm caused him to miss out, however Mitchell managed make the final cut, eventually fighting against Anubis's armada at Antarctica. In the mean time Bryce talked to many doctors in the hopes that they can remove the shrapnel without killing him. However, to remove it would mean that he would die. Whilst waiting for the aneurysm to kill him, Ferguson did some research as to how Mitchell was hospitalised during what the official story was "a test flight". He heard rumours of an alien armada however could not confirm it.

When the aneurysm reached critical stages, Mitchell managed to have him transferred to a hospital with technology acquired through the Stargate. Unfortunately, they too could not remove it. Bryce, wanting to know more about what he missed, asked Mitchell to tell him, however he managed to do one thing better, he used the Galaran memory technology, modified by the SGC to show him his past year.

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