[edit] Brooks (I)

Brooks (I)
Brooks i.jpg
Played By: Benita Ha
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

A Trust agent who worked on-board Osiris's Alkesh. She was a computer expert who worked on trying to get the Alkesh to work, however couldn't translate the Ancient codes and so resorted to framing Teal'c for a murder and then blackmailing Daniel into translating the codes.

Once she and the rest of her team were able to get the ship to work, they made plans to steal the stargate. They used a locator beacon placed on the Stargate and the Alkesh's Asgard teleporters to transport it onto the Alkesh. Using Tok'ra symbiote poison, they then used the gate to hit countless Goa'uld strongholds, killing thousands of Jaffa.

She was eventually stopped by SG1 who managed to take back the Stargate, however Brooks managed to escape, but landed in trouble when she emerged the other side of the hyperdrive window into a Goa'uld stronghold.

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[edit] Brooks (II)

Brooks (II)
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

A member of SG6 who was assigned to go on an undercover mission to P2X-885 to a prior controlled planet. After returning from the planet, he was diagnosed with the Prior Plague, and was eventually killed by it.

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