Played By: Jonathan Holmes
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

A technician at Area-51, Bricksdale worked on backwards engineering many alien artefacts, one of which was a hand device belonging to Osiris. The device allowed Osiris to beam on-board her Al'kesh at will, however the other technicians could not get it to work. However, The Trust, wanted access to the ship, and so enlisted the help of Bricksdale who managed to uncover the secrets and beam on-board the Al'kesh. He kept the original hand device on the base so as not to arose suspicion.

Using locator beacons, he managed to get a team working for the trust onto the Al'kesh, and for his efforts he was greatly rewarded. After the disappearance of the Stargate, the SGC began to investigate, and soon found what Bricksdale had done. He was quickly caught, however he agreed to cooperate only on the grounds that the SGC overlook his Cayman Island account.

[edit] Key Episodes

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