Brendan Gall

Brendan Gall
Brendan gall.jpg
Played By: Richard Cox
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Atlantis

Part of the initial Atlantis Expedition, Dr. Brendan Gall along with Dr. Abrams, John Sheppard and Rodney McKay went on a mission to investigate a possible weapons platform detected by Atlantis's sensors. However when they got there, they received a Wraith distressed signal from a crashed ship, and Sheppard decided to investigate.

Whilst investigating, the crashed Wraith ship, Abrams and Gall found the Wraith commander who had been in hibernation. Pushing Gall to the side, he fed on Abrams killing him and then turned his attention to Gall. Feeding off Gall for information, Gall eventually gave in and told him about the Puddle Jumper. Having little life left in him, McKay was ordered to take care of Gall rather than help Sheppard. Realising that he was the only thing stopping McKay from helping, Gall killed himself.

[edit] Key Episodes

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