Bob (Wraith)

Bob (Wraith)
Bob wraith.jpg
Played By: James Lafazanos
Race: Wraith

During the initial attack on Atlantis, a Wraith Dart was sent to scout the city and report back, however after it reported back, the Dart self-destructed. Unknown to the Atlantis expedition however was that before it was destroyed a lone Wraith beamed himself to the city. The expedition were soon made aware of the Wraith when they realised they had a saboteur in the city.

Security teams were dispatched, but the Wraith managed to elude them, but was finally cornered and caught. Taken to the Wraith holding cell, John Sheppard interrogated him, as well as gave him the name "Bob". However, the Wraith attempted to probe Teyla's mind and Sheppard shot him in an attempt to stop him to the point where he could no longer recover from his injuries.

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