Ship Information
Type: Asgard Mothership
Race(s): Asgard

This is an Asgard Mothership, used by Thor, also known as "Thor's Chariot". The Beliskner, like all Asgard Motherships, is quite powerful and capable of destroying Goa'uld motherships quite easily. It also has the ability to remove hundreds of Jaffa and the Pyramid ships in moments, by transporting them to another location.

The Beliskner first showed this ability for the people of Cimmeria when Heru'ur had tried to take over the planet. The Beliskner, under the command of Thor, was one of the lead ships in the war against the Replicators, however, the Replicators were able to penetrate the ship's defences and take control of it.

In an attempt to stop the Replicators from infesting Earth as well, Thor beamed aboard SG-1 who were able to stop them by destroying the deceleration drive so the ship would be destroyed, with the Replicators, whilst escaping through a Stargate that they beamed from the SGC.

[edit] Key Episodes

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