Bedrosia/Optrica (P2X-416)
Planet Information
Planet Address
Galaxy: Milky Way
Race(s): Bedrosians

[edit] History

The Planet is split into two nations, known as the Bedrosia and Optrica. The Bedrosian's and Optrican's believe differently in the planets history, and have been at war for generations. The Bedrosian's believe that the planet is where they evolved, where as the Optricans believe that they were braught to the planet generations ago by gods. The Stargate was substantial proof that the Optricans were correct, however, the Stargate was unburried by the Bedrosian's. When SG-1 got to the planet, they were captured by the Bedrosians and believed the team to be Optricans sent to change their beliefs. The team managed to escape and the Planet was declared off-limits.

[edit] Key Episodes

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