Played By: Lawrence Dane
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

A replacement for Bauer for the short time that General George Hammond decided to retire, Bauer changed many things at the SGC after taking control. After taking control of the SGC, Bauer reassigned the members of SG1 in an attempt to create a weapon which they can use to destroy the Goa'uld.

He "suggested" that Jack O'Neill take time off, and in the mean time, he reassigned Samantha Carter to work on a Naquadah enhanced bomb project, Daniel Jackson was made into a consultant, and Teal'c became part of SG-3 whose aim was to secure more Naquadah for the project.

After securing enough Naquadah, he ordered Sam to test the Naquadah bomb on a planet whose surface was made from Naquadah, however the tests backfired when the tests turned the planet into a superheated plasma, which nearly destroyed the SGC.

Following the incident, and the reinstatement of Hammond, Bauer was reassigned

[edit] Key Episodes

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