Played By: Cam Chai
Race: P8X-412 Inhabitants
Planets: P8X-412

Azdak was one of Qetesh's servants, who continued to believe in her, long after she left. When the Prior arrived to the planet to spread the teachings of the Ori, Azdak refused to believe in the Prior and his powers, and remained adamant that Qetesh would return and slay the false prophet.

When Vala Mal Doran returned to the planet, posing as Qetesh, Azdak was over joyed, however when Daniel Jackson forced her to reveal the truth about the Goa'uld and Qetesh, he was angered. He had Vala taken into custody, and his faith started to sway towards the Ori.

He eventually agreed to put Vala through the Mal Doran, a trail which would decide her fate. When the Prior returned during the Mal Doran, Azdak, once again refused to believe in the Ori.

However, the prior started a Plague, which left Azdak ill, however, Vala managed to heal him using the Goa'uld healing device. Unfortunately, he fell ill again, and the healing device failed to save him leaving him to die.

When the Prior came back to the planet, the other inhabitants gave in to the Priors powers and the Ori, and he rid the planet of the disease, healing all those that had fallen ill, and reviving all those that had died, including Azdak.

[edit] Key Episodes

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