Played By: David McNally
Race: Cloister Planet Inhabitants
Planets: Cloister Planet

A man hoping to eventually ascend, Avrid came to the Cloister hoping to ascend like the Ancients did before them. Whilst going about his daily duties, he was unfortunate enough to encounter the Beast with no weapons to stop it. John Sheppard who had accidental entered into the Cloister happened to pass by using his weapons to drive away the beast saving Avrid, but not before he was hurt and knocked unconscious.

Grateful for saving his life, Avrid took him to his village where his sister Teer cared for him and the other inhabitants used their powers to heal him. When the Beast attacked the village, Avrid in fear, along with the other villages ran back to their home leaving Sheppard and Teer to face it alone.

Wanting the inhabitants to stand up to themselves, Sheppard confronted them making Avrid and the others realise what they were doing. When a rescue team came into the cloister, they were quickly attacked by the Beast who had grown in size. They were rescued this time by Avrid and the other inhabitants who shed their fears, and with it the Beast. In doing so he and his people finally reached Ascension.

[edit] Key Episodes

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