Played By: Leonor Varela
Race: Proculusans
Planets: Atlantis

Athar much like her people, Ascended when the Wraith became too much of a problem. However, even once she was Ascended, she could not help her people.

During one of the attacks on her people, she reached out with her mind and managed to destroy the Wraith Hive Ships, however, the others thought that this was against the rules, and as her punishment she was to protect her people and ONLY her people, which made it a punishment as opposed to a wish.

From time to time, Athar went among her people, as one of their own, to get to know them as the good people they are, and during one of these times, she met John Sheppard who she fell in love with instantly.

With the chance to see Atlantis and be with Sheppard she left her planet to "negotiate" a treaty of some kind which would allow refugees to live on the planet. However, she revealed that she is both Chaya Sar and Athar, and that the others would stop her if she helped anyone other than the people of the planet.

Once back on Proculus she destroyed the Wraith that had come, and also got as close as one can be with Sheppard.

[edit] Key Episodes

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