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Planet Information
Galaxy: Milky Way
Race(s): Asurans

Home of the Asurans race, millenia ago, when the Ancients attempted to create a formidable weapon in the the war against the Wraith. When they realised that the Asurans weren't the weapon that they were hoping for, they took them all and put them on the planet.

In an attempt to destroy the Asurans, they bombed the planet however a single Asuran nanite survived, allowing for the Asurans to breed. Over the millenia, the Asurans, who felt like the abandoned children of the Ancients, took the form of the Ancients and built a city much like Atlantis.

After a millenia, the planet was visited by the Atlantis Expedition who thought the Asurans were the Ancients who they had been searching for. However, when the truth was revealed, they were captured, and one of the City Ships detached from the rest, in order to fly to Lantea in order to destroy the city. However midway, the city was destroyed before it could reach Atlantis by Sheppard's team.

After the encounter, the planet was used as a place for building ships which they would then send to Earth and Atlantis to destroy them, however in a First Strike, the ships were destroyed by the Daedalus.

After the Asurans launched a devastating attack of their own on Atlatis, forcing them to move to another planet, John Sheppard led a team to Asuras in order to procure some much needed ZPM's.

Eventually, once the expedition realised that the Asurans were destroying humans in their fight with the Wraith, they made a one last stand against them, which destroyed the Asurans and the planet.

[edit] Key Episodes

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