Race Information
Planet(s): Adara
Heliopolis (PB2-908)
Ship(s): Asgard Mothership
Asgard Science Vessel
The Daniel Jackson
The O'Neill

The Asgard are a technologically advanced race and Allies of Earth. They have watched over the people of Earth for many years, and have ships which are invisible to the sensors of Earth. The Asgard at one time were one of the four great races. The Asgard, the Ancients, the Nox and the Furlings. The Asgard have never been able to become as knowledgeable as the Ancients. The Asgard have used the repository of the Ancient knowledge and tried to understand it, however they have failed in doing so due to the amount of knowledge that the ancients possessed. Still however, the Asgard are a force to be reckoned with, and have saved many planets from Goa'uld slavery using their advanced technology as a way to keep the Goa'uld from gaining too much power. However, the Asgard recently met a foe worse than the Goa'uld in their home Galaxy known as the Replicators which are created only for one thing, to replicate. With the fight between the two, the Asgard were unable to watch over the Goa'ulds and make sure that they did not get too powerful. The Asgard first met the Tau'ri and SG1 when Daniel solved the riddles on an Asgard protected planet, Cimmeria, which was meant to be for the Cimmerians, to see when they would be advanced enough to be told the truth. However, it was not until Jack O'Neill visited the Asgard homeworld that the Asgard really noticed that Earth was now among those who had proven themselves worthy of becoming the Fifth race. With the relationship between the Asgard and Earth improving, SG1 helped save the Asgard many times from the Replicators, putting the Asgard in their debt. When the war had gotten out of hand, and a trap that they set had failed, SG1 were sent to reactivate the trap, which they did. In return the Asgard gave technology to Earth, which they would not have done otherwise. When the Replicators freed them selves from the trap after two years, SG1 once again helped to contain them by building a weapon which would destroy them. The Asgard race however, is a dieing one, as the only way to reproduce is through cellular mitosis. Unable to reproduce sexually, they must rely on cloning to keep their race alive, however, through genetic degradation, the cloning process has also become somewhat dangerous.

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Asgard looking cool
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