Aschen Harvester

Aschen Harvester
Aschen harvester.jpg
Ship Information
Race(s): Aschen

The Aschen Harvester is a massive anti-gravity ship built by the Aschen. It is designed to collect and store the crops that they obtain from the various planets controlled by the Ashcen. It stores the crops into a chamber and sends the crops by means of a Stargate.

The Aschen have also added multi-directional platforms to the Stargates which make the Stargate horizontal, which allows for quick sending of the crops. To send the crops, a door opens below the chamber in which the crops are stored allowing the crops to fall down into the event horizon of the Stargate and to the other planets.

Each planet in control of the Aschen has thousands of the Harvesters, which can also be used to launch weapons. The ships are also fitted with matter transporters with which they can enter and exit the ship quickly, and efficiently without the need to land the ships.

[edit] Key Episodes

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