Race Information
Planet(s): Aschen Homeworld (P4C-970)
Ship(s): Aschen Harvester

The Aschen appear to be a somewhat peaceful race however they are as peaceful as they are deadly. The Aschen are conquerors of worlds, however, rather than conquering a planet quickly, they take their time, and the planets don't even realise it until its too late. The Aschen then use the planet as farms or other things. They also allow a small population to live on the planets giving them the task of doing all the planting. The first time that the SGC encountered the Aschen, they became allies, and the Aschen helped beat the Goa'ulds, however almost 10 years later, SG1 realised that the cost of beating the Goa'uld was the destruction of their world. The Aschen had spread a drug which doubled the human life, however it had a side-effect, it made the person that took it infertile, thus reducing the Birth-rate till eventually there's a negative birthrate. Being patient in nature, the Aschen simply watch the planets inhabitants die out before taking their planet, however SG1 did not let them succeed and managed to send a note to the Past telling them not to go to their home world. However, a year later, the SG1 of the past met the Aschen a year later on another planet, but this time realised their intentions and managed to stop the alliance between the two worlds.

[edit] Key Episodes

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