Ares (I)

Ares (I)
Played By: Dominic Zamprogna
Race: Keras' Race
Planets: Kera's Planet (M7G-677)

Ares is a village elder of M7G-677, a planet on which no-one beyond the age of 25 was permitted to live. It had been believed by Ares, and the rest of the inhabitants, that the Wraith would not cull the planet, if there were no grown ups.

This belief was strengthened by the arrival of Sheppard's team. Ares strongly protested to the eldest among his people, Kera, however Kera thought that it would be safe for them to stay until they managed to fix the puddle jumper. However, when Ares saw that Kera was starting to doubt the beliefs of his people, he got his fellow inhabitants and cornered Sheppard's team. His beliefs were were strengthened when a Wraith Scout Ship came.

Ares who was ready to kill Sheppard to get rid of the Wraith, was stopped by Rodney McKay who managed to bring online the field which had kept the Wraith away for hundreds of years. Ares realised what happened, and was thankful to Sheppard's team for giving them the means to grow into a bigger civilisation.

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