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Played By: David Palffy, Dean Aylesworth, Rik Kiviaho, George Dzundza
Race: Goa'uld
Planets: Anubis Super Weapon Planet

Centuries ago, Anubis was a System Lord, and ruled with great terror, however his methods were too inhumane even for the Goa'uld, and he was banished by the System Lords. During this time, he learnt about Kheb, where he could ascend to a higher form of existence. On Kheb he managed to fool Oma Desala into believing he was pure of heart, and it was only when he Ascended did she realise the mistake that she had done.

Anubis now an Ancient had all the knowledge of the Ancients and the power to rule the galaxy, however the others realised and tried to correct the mistake by sending Anubis back to his normal form. However, Anubis could not be sent back fully, and he made a deal with the Ancients. He was allowed to live halfway between life and ascension, he was given the knowledge of the Ancients, however he would not be allowed to use any information that he wouldn't have otherwise discovered as a Goa'uld.

As a part ascended being he started experimenting in creating a son, using Ancient technology, he used his pre-ascended DNA to create a son, one which would one day ascend. However, before he could finish the experiment, he was stopped.

Anubis then started to regain the power that he had lost when he was banished. He started to systematically wipe out the System Lords forces, as well as trying to destroy his other enemies, the Tau'ri and Tok'ra from time to time. Eventually he sent a representative to ask that he be allowed back into the System Lords, however Lord Yu, one of the origional System Lords that had banished him, rejected his proposal, however the others agreed allowing him to gain even more power.

Eventually the System Lords saw their mistake, when he amassed a massive amount of power in such a short time. Anubis then went to increase the power by creating ships to defeat the Asgard, and finally to find a weapon with which, his power would increase tenfold. He found 5 of the 6 eyes, and the only remaining one was the Eye of Ra. His search led him to Abydos, where he faced Daniel Jackson and the rest of SG-1. Although he was victorious in gaining the Eye of Ra, his super weapon was soon destroyed by SG-1.

Anubis then moved his attention to a new breed of warriors, the Kull Warriors which would replace the Jaffa as a more loyal form of foot soldiers. However, SG-1 managed to secure a weapon against them, however with the Kull Warriors he managed to take over much of the System Lords territory.

When SG-1 discovered the repository of Ancient knowledge, Anubis wasn't far behind however when his Jaffa failed to get it, he had them killed for their failure. Anubis believing SG-1 had found the Ancients Weapon, took his entire force to Earth in order to take the weapon for himself. However, he was outdone by SG-1 and the rest of the Tau'ri who managed to defeat his fleet using an Ancient Outpost.

Anubis's body was destroyed, however, being part ancient, he lived on in his ascended body. He managed to get to Earth using a Russian, and to the Stargate. However, he was stopped from going through the gate by Jack O'Neill, but eventually managed to get escape, although his temporary host died. He used various hosts to make his way to his army, now taken over by Ba'al. He used Ba'als forces to decimate the system lords, and when the Replicators attacked, he ordered the use of a weapon that would destroy all life in the Galaxy.

Whilst drifting between life and Ascension, Daniel Jackson, ran into Anubis, who told him the how he became ascended, and what he was about to do, but before he could wipe all life in the galaxy, Oma stepped up and decided to stop him. She attacked him, and all he could do is defend, and fight back for all eternity.

Key Episodes

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