Played By: Kristen Dalton
Race: Goa'uld-Tau'ri Hybrid
Planets: Earth

Anna was an experiment conducted by the rogue NID agents. They attempted to get information about the Goa'ulds using Anna. Dr. Keffler, created her, and tortured her to get information, that he believed may help fight the Goa'uld, however, Anna's alter ego, Sekhmet, did not offer Dr Keffler any information.

Anna was trapped in a cage for months, and hadn't seen daylight when eventually Sekhmet took over her body and killed everyone besides Dr. Keffler. However, before she was recaptured, she also activated a Goa'uld bomb. The NID used the help of Samantha Carter and Daniel Jackson to try and get through to Anna, and find out what had been going on, to no avail.

Eventually, Sekhmet once again gained control of the body and used a candle put fire to the drawings created by Anna, allowing her to escape in the confusion. This time she killed Dr. Keffler. When Anna gained control once again, she saw no hope, and activated a neural toxin inside of her, killing herself instantly.

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