Played By: Jana Mitsoula
Race: Daganians
Planets: Dagan

Allina is a Daganian, and the master handler of the New Brotherhood. She is entrusted with the task of protecting the Potentia (Z.P.M.) for when the Lantean's who are said, will one day return to the planet, and she along with the other members of the Brotherhood would be rewarded.

However, since the previous brotherhood was culled by the Wraith, she had nothing but clues as to the location of the potentia. When Sheppard's team came, she was delighted to learn that they were from Atlantis, and she agreed to give them the potentia if they could find it.

Rodney McKay began to help her, and unknowingly she found herself attracted to him, although he didn't realise till later. However, during a late night session, Rodney McKay revealed to Allina that he isn't a Lantean, but only came to the city few months previously. This distressed her, however, she didn't show it.

With the help of Rodney McKay and Sheppard, they found 8 of the 9 stone tablets required to unlock the potentia, however, they were double crossed by Sanir, Allinas associate who had sold them out to the Genii. However, thanks to Sheppards cunning skills, they managed to overturn the situation, and find the final stone tablets, allowing them to get the much needed potentia.

However, as Rodney McKay went to leave, Allina, took the potentia, telling him that its only for the Lanteans, and that she could not give it to them for that reason.

[edit] Key Episodes

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