Alexi Vaselov

Alexi Vaselov
Alexi vaselov.jpg
Played By: Gavin Hood
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

A Russian airmen, Vaselov has 20 years of flight experience and is privy to information regarding the Stargate. He visited his dying friend Anatole Konstantinov, who had returned from a mission on-board the International Space Station where he and his fellow cosmonauts were clearing the mess of the battle over Antarctic. However, unknown to Vaselov, Konstantinov was harbouring the non-corporeal form of Anubis, who transferred into Vaselov's body controlling him.

Having himself assigned to the SGC, Vaselov, controlled by Anubis wanted to go through the Stargate, to do so he asked Jack O'Neill to let him be the new commander of SG-1 who, with his promotion was now one man short. However, O'Neill refused, to let him be on SG-1 or any other SG team. When Anubis realised that he could not get through the Stargate in the body of Vaselov he transferred into the body of Daniel Jackson.

However being in the body of Vaselov for many weeks, the damage had been done, and Vaselov started to show the same symptoms as that which had Konstantinov had before he died. He showed memory loss and skin lesions as well as a high white blood count.

Realising that he would die soon enough, Vaselov wrote a letter to his sister, whom he hoped Daniel Jackson could deliver to, however Daniel, tried to comfort him telling him that he would be okay.

After a lock-down was unsuccessful at stopping Anubis, Vaselov realised that he could stop Anubis. He entered the Gate Room, and told Anubis that the only way he could leave was in the body of Vaselov. Anubis accepted and entered into Vaselov and stepped through the gate, however he found himself on KS7-535 where his body froze to death.

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