Alec Colson

Alec Colson
Alec colson.jpg
Played By: Charles G. Shaughnessy
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

Alec Colson was the CEO of Colson Industries, age forty-two, net worth over sixty billion dollars, he ran a global empire of companies, including communications, biotechnology, aerospace and aviation. The SGC used Colson Aviation to help develop the multi-engine control systems for the F-302s even though they did not know what it was for. Colson Industries was also used for research into cloning, for the Asgard.

When Alec Colson realised what was happening, he threatened the US government to tell people the truth or he would reveal it for them. When the US government did nothing, he showed the world a clone of an Asgard, created using a cell sample given to the cloning division of Colson Industries. However Samantha Carter managed to cover up the "alien" using Asgard holographic technology, but Alec Colson wasn't too happy about it.

Afraid that Alec would continue to tell everyone the truth, the SGC decided he was a security threat, and the only way to quieten him was to tell him the truth. Alec was given clearance and he was briefed about the Stargate Program and taken offworld. Even though he was given evidence as to why he shouldn't tell anyone, he kept to his beliefs that the people have a right to know.

When he returned to Earth he was surprised to learn that his company was said to be in financial trouble and he had created the alien hoax in order to divert attention from his real corporate financial problems. He soon realised that it was the Trust that had did this, and they had threatened the family of his closest friends to do this.

With hm being wanted, Alec Colson had little left, as an attempt to take down the Trust went down when his best friend committed suicide. In an attempt to bring his life back on track, he was allowed to move offworld where he could make a difference.

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