Played By: Rene Auberjonois
Race: Eurondans
Planets: Euronda

The Leader of the Eurondans, Alar and his ancestors for many years have been at war against an enemy known as the "Breeders". His father had built a bunker underground and his people had contaminated the world above, in an attempt to exterminate the breeders, however, the breeders fought back.

Now the Eurondans fight for their lives, as their supply of Deuterium (Heavy Water) started to run out. When Alar managed to contact Earth, he asked for their help, and SG-1 accepted. They gave the Eurondans heavy water, only to later find that the ideals that Alar fights for is wrong.

When SG-1 withdrew, Alar cowardly wanted to leave along with him, so he could live, and offered Jack to teach Earth everything he knew. However, he was killed as he went through the gate with the Iris up.

[edit] Key Episodes

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