Played By: Emma Rose, Jodelle Ferland, Brenna O'Brien
Race: Ori
Planets: Ver Isca

Daughter of Vala Mal Doran, and the Orici, the human form ancient born with the knowledge and powers of the Ori sent to the Milky Way to lead the Ori army. Conceived unnaturally, Adria was sent by the Ori as a way to cheat the rule of ascension, and send one of their own to the Milky Way without being struck down by the Ancients of this galaxy.

Soon after Vala's pregnancy, it became obvious to her that the child was unnatural, which was soon confirmed when a Prior told her husband, Tomin that the child was not his, but the will of the Ori.

Before the birth of Adria, Vala, Tomin and the Ori army made their way to the Milky Way through a Supergate, where she was born on-board an Ori Warship. Genetically engineered to reach full maturity in a matter of days, she grew at an alarming rate, and when Vala finally got a chance to see her daughter, she had already grown to the age of ten. Renaming her Adria after her step mother, she told Adria of the good person that she was, however, she had in fact named her after the step mother that she had despised.

In her fully matured state, she had the powers of the Priors, yet was not one of them. Desiring the need for acceptance from her mother, Adria attempted to convince Vala to start believing in the Ori. Unfortunately, her attempts were in vain, as Vala true to her belief, managed to escape and joined SG-1. Encountering her many times, Adria every time tried to convince her that the Ancients were the evil ones, however each time she stayed grasping her beliefs and fighting against Adria.

With a medallion protecting Adria, she converted many planets eventually coming across Daniel Jackson, who with the memories of Merlin was the only one with the knowledge to stop Ascended beings. Using her powers, she tried to convince Daniel into following the path of Origin, and started believing that he was changing, however unknown to her, Merlin was protecting him, and keeping him from turning

Turning Daniel into a Prior, it wasn't soon before he betrayed her, sending her along with Merlin's Weapon into the Ori's galaxy destroying the Ori once and for all.

Unfortunately, the Priors refused to believe that the Ori had gone, believing that they were simply upset with how many planets that they had converted. In the hopes to use Adria to convince the Priors, SG-1 captured her, only to have her taken from their grasp by Ba'al. Ba'al wanted to form a truce with Adria, however, unknown to Adria was the form of truce that Ba'al wanted, was for his Goa'uld Symbiote to take control of Adria's body and thus the entire Ori army.

However, he was quickly stopped by SG-1 who managed to recapture Adria, however not before she was nearing death.

SG-1 departed to obtain an ancient tool, the Ark of Truth, to combat the Ori. After finding the Ark, they learned of its power to convince any who looked in it of the true nature of the Ori. SG-1 intended used it on the leading Prior, and through his staff all of the priors would be turned. SG-1 approached the home of the priors, but Adria intervened. She had been turned into an Ori after the others were destroyed, giving her all of their power. She was an unstoppable force, until the Ark of Truth was deployed. While obviously having no effect on Adria, all of the Priors were turned, and thus the bulk of Adria's power, which was derived from people's faith, was taken. Adria was reduced to the power of a normal Ascended being. Morgan Le Fey then swooped into the room, attacking. The two were locked in a battle, presumably endlessly.

[edit] Key Episodes

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