Acastus Kolya

Acastus Kolya
Acastus kolya.jpg
Played By: Robert Davi
Race: Genii
Planets: Genii Planet

Commander of the Genii Military, Acastus Kolya led the invasion of Atlantis upon learning that the inhabitants had fled in preparation for an oncoming storm. Using his ties with the Manarians, Kolya acquired a GDO from a drunken Athosian, and then took a group of elite soldiers through the gate, dressed as injured villagers.

Once in Atlantis they took of their disguise, and started to kill the soldiers present in the gate room. Quickly working his way up to the control room, Kolya quickly rounded up Elizabeth Weir and Rodney McKay. Believing the city to be unsalvageable, he ordered McKay and Weir to give them all the C4 and medical supplies that they had.

Unknown to Kolya, McKay had activated the internal communications, alerting Sheppard to his plans. When Kolya sent men to get the supplies, they were consequently gunned down, by Sheppard, and his presence was known. Kolya quickly came to learn about the plan to save the city using the grounding stations from McKay who was very susceptible to pressure.

However, whilst playing a game of Cat and Mouse with Sheppard, one of the grounding stations was damaged, requiring the expertise of McKay to fix. Whilst at the grounding station, Kolya was given the bad news that when the reinforcements came, Sheppard managed to raise the shields to the city, killing over 50 of the 60 Genii sent as reinforcements.

However bad news didn't stop there, as McKay fixed the grounding station, and they got back to the control room, McKay soon gave him the news that his plan to save the city had failed, and that they were about to be killed by the storm which was just at the city's doorstep.

Giving the order to evacuate back to the Genii home world, Kolya took hold of Weir in an attempt to take her with him, however with some sharp shooting by Sheppard, he was forced to let go of her.

With the painful memory of where Sheppard had shot him to save Weir, upon learning that Sheppards team had come to Dagan, he took a team and managed to capture the team. Forcing them to solve the puzzles left by the centuries old Brotherhood, and revealing a ZPM, Kolya had all about won, however at the last minute Sheppard managed to use a Flash Grenade to blind the Genii soldiers, and overpower them.

However, Sheppard allowed Kolya to leave, telling him not to show his face again. With the anger of his words digging into Kolya, he remembered the humiliation he had faced at the hands of Sheppard.

In the meantime, back at the Genii home world, Kolya along with Radim Ladon, made plans to overthrow Athor Cowen, however Ladon betrayed Kolya, and revealed his plans to Cowen, who banished Kolya, and let Ladon take his place. However Ladon stuck once again, this time betraying Cowen, and in a Coup D'etat took leadership of the Genii, as well as making an alliance between the Genii and the Atlantians.

When he got the chance, Kolya managed to capture John Sheppard and using a captured Wraith, tortured him, telling Weir that in return he wanted Ladon. Using the Wraith to feed on Sheppards life essence, Kolya attempted to force Weirs hand, however she stood her ground, biding her time, till they could locate Sheppard and launch a rescue mission.

However, it was Sheppard and the Wraith who worked together and managed to escape from Kolya's clutches, once again making Kolya feel humiliated at his loss.

Meeting one final time, when Kolya learnt that Sheppard's team were on a planet, he took a contingent of men loyal to him in an attempt to face him and kill him. However, once there they were unable to locate him, he held the rest of his team at gun point and forced him to come out. However, when he did, he used an Ancient Protection Shield, saving him from the gunfire. Overpowering him, he managed to turn a gun onto Kolya, and killed him.

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